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Welcome to "Walking 4 Change" Raising Awareness on Issues of Homelessness

Creating Awareness and Raising Support To Help Those In Need!

Thank You For Your Support

Online Fundraiser Recipients

Our online fundraising campaign will continue through October 2018. We have a long way to go in order to reach our goal. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

There are a total of 8 shelters that are designated to receive funds from our 2018 Walking 4 Change online fundraiser. 

Donations can be made at: https://www.gofundme.com/walking4change&rcid=r01-153374231891-50ce7800c5264f70&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

To view more information about each shelter please click on the attachments included below.

Homeless Shelters Profiles (pdf)


Domestic Violence Homeless Shelter Profiles (pdf)


Walking 4 Change Flyer (pdf)


Completed Route To Washington D.C.

Cleveland, OH to Washington, DC 2018

The Walking 4 Change Mission

Stand With Me As I Walk For Them

My name is Derek Pratt, President of 4Ward With Purpose Inc. Our "Walking 4 Change" mission is to bring awareness to issues relating to Homelessness and Housing Stability. 

In July of 2018, I will be walking from Cleveland, OH to Washington, DC to attend the 2018 National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference. 

Having experienced Homelessness as a youth, which led to me dropping out of school at the age of 15, I am making this walk for the children across our country who are facing Homelessness. 

I stand with you, and walk for you!

My goal is to visit as many Homeless Shelters along the path of my journey through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland as I can. 

Children's Right to Housing is a Human Right


On a single night in January 2017:

  • An estimated 184,661 people in  families - or 57,971 family households were identified as homeless.
  • Almost 17,000 (16,938) people in families were living on the street, in a car, or in another place not meant for human habitation.


Homelessness can have a tremendous impact on children – their education, health, sense of safety, and overall development.  Fortunately, researchers find that children are also highly resilient and differences between children who have experienced homelessness and low-income children who have not typically diminish in the years following a homeless episode.

When compared to low-income and homeless families, children experiencing homelessness have been shown to:

  • Have higher levels of emotional  and behavioral problems;
  • Have increased risk of serious  health problems;
  • Are more likely to experience  separations from their families; and
  • Experience more school mobility, repeat a grade, be expelled or drop out of school, and have lower academic performance.

-National Alliance to End Homelessness 

How We Help

All Money raised will go to support Homeless Shelters, along with Programs and Services aimed to Stabilize Housing and Prevent Homelessness.

Each Shelter I visit in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland will receive a portion of the proceeds raised from our GoFundMe campaign, totaling 25% of all financial contributions received.

In addition to supporting the Shelters I visit, another 25% of all proceeds will go to Domestic Violence Shelters in Ohio.

An additional 25% will be allocated to Programs for Homeless Shelters to pilot tenant mediation processes. This program is aimed to help prevent families from being involuntarily discharged from a homeless shelter.

15% is earmarked for Landlord/Tenant Programs and the remaining 10% will cover Administrative Costs associated with Walking 4 Change 2018.

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You can download our one page marketing flyer to  post up in your office, church, community center etc.

Walking 4 Change Flyer (pdf)


Walking 4 Change Trail Maps (pdf)


Walking 4 Change Letter of Appeal (pdf)


Kai Muhammad

Met Kai while I was walking along the Great Allegheny Passage near Cedar Creek Campsite. Had some good conversation and laughs. This young man has a powerful story! Had to capture a video of him showing off his talent!


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